New "fixed" target frames on rifle range

17 Apr 2013 8:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

New target frames have been added to the 100 yd rifle range.  There are 2 frames at 100yd and 2 at 50yd.  The BOD has modified the range rules to allow for these 50yd frames.  The new frames utilize the currently existing PVC pipes in the ground and can be moved, or removed, as necessary.  The frames should not be removed from the rifle range.  These frames are for rifle shooting only and primarily for bench rest shooting.  The 50yd frames have also been designed such that shooting from either prone, sitting, kneeling or standing should have all impacts on the earthen backstop but shooters should verify this before firing from one of these positions.  All shooters should also assure that any rounds fired at a target on a 50yd frame does not impact a 100yd frame.  All targets should be hung near the center of the frames to limit the number of hits on the 2x2 wood that tend to destroy the frame.

The two slightly smaller frames are designed to be used at 50 yards.  Shots fired from any position (prone, sitting, kneeling, standing or from the bench) when using a rifle with a target on these frames should impact the berm.  The larger frames should not be used at 50 yards.  The frames are marked indicating the distance that they should be used at.