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The annual meeting for the election of the RRPC Board of Directors — election of Officers (4) and Directors (2) —  was held on Thursday, November 9, 2023 at 7:30 PM at the RRPC clubhouse, after an abbreviated Membership meeting in the pavilion.

There were also two (2) bylaw amendment proposals that were call to a vote.

The BOD slate of Officers were all re-electioned by majority vote:

President - Bob Schmidt         64-Yes,  6-No

Vice President - Jack Blundell  68-Yes,  2-No

Secretary - Tim Rogers          66-Yes,  4-No

Treasurer - Chip Berry          69-Yes,  1-No

Directors - 2 open seats (3 year terms): Jerry Gress & Nick Schmitz were elected by majority vote.

Jerry Gress   51 Votes

Nick Schmitz  51 Votes

Kim Smalley   40 Votes

 Both Bylaw amendment proposals passed by a 2/3 majority vote:

     Proposal #1:  Removal of NRA from the Bylaws as a requirement -

       49-Yes,  21-No

     Proposal #2: Change the defined meeting attendance requirement for members of the Board -

       65-Yes, 5-No



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Event Cancellation Policy

If Albemarle Schools are cancelled (LINK) for bad weather, RRPC events will also be cancelled unless the Activity Director specifies otherwise.

Summer Cook-out at the Pavilion - 

Each summer starting in May immediately before the membership meeting  the club sponsors a hamburger / hot dog or BBQ dinner at 6  PM  in the pavilion for a small donation.   Link to sponsors.

NRA First Step Pistol Class

The NRA’s FIRST Step Pistol class Basics of Pistol Shoot class  will be offered at 6:00pm - 9:00pm on the last Thursday of each month. FIRST Steps Pistol is a three-hour class that meets Virginia’s training requirement for a concealed-carry permit.  Follow LINK to reserve a seat for this class.  

  2024  Board of Directors

President            Robert Schmidt
Vice President     Jack Blundell
Secretary           Tim Rogers
Treasurer           Chip Berry
Director #1        Jerry Gress
Director #2        Paul Benneche
Director #3        Nick Schmitz
Director #4        Gary Kellenberger 
Director #5        Steve Dellinger
Director #6        Jerry Pownall
Director #7        Tom Templeton

Members may contact Directors HERE

Join or Renew NRA Membership 

 SPECIAL DEAL HERE gives you a discount off the normal NRA membership dues, AND club receives money back.  Please help your club while you save money.

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Click to Sign up for the VCDL Newsletter    VCDL

In an effort to keep all activists informed of the latest information regarding the right to keep and bear arms in the Commonwealth of Virginia, VCDL operates an Internet mailing list called VA-ALERT. 

Appleseed Rifle Clinic 

Project Appleseed can help transform you from a person with a rifle into a principled and skilled Rifleman.  Click HERE or email oddsrevenva@gmail.com  for more info and to register for this course. 

Project Appleseed website LINK .

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