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Presidents Message on Safety

I want to begin this by reiterating something we all heard before and which is at the core of the club, safety is our first priority.

Now, this is not a particularly complex operation; if your target is at the base of the berm, your bullets are impacting the berm behind it and there is no one downrange of your firing point—you are pretty darn likely to be practicing safe shooting.

Who, one often is asked, enforces these rules? The answer is not the safety committee nor the board of directors; the answer is much more simple, you do! Every single one of us at this club is a range officer, and the policy we have adopted for over a decade is that the first person on the range sets the firing point and calls the cease fire to adjust or replace targets.

But, our responsibility does not end there. If we see someone accidentally violating the basic principles we were all taught as beginners, and this almost always happens by accident, it is our responsibility to correct the error. Most frequently, the error takes place with someone handling a firearm while another person is down range on the firing point; this error nearly always takes place on the steel, plinking, or ATP ranges. Usually, the person touching the firearm does not believe he or she is doing anything wrong.

Let us all be clear, touching a firearm in any condition, or in any way, whatsoever, while someone else is forward of our position is not permitted at RRPC. Any of us who witness any kind of issue like this, really must bring it up with that person. We must politely confront the individual and inform him or her, that what is going on is not permitted at RRPC and that it needs to stop. If the person resists or disagrees, politely obtain his or her name, and report it via an email to safety@rrpc.org; giving the day and approximate time.

Every single one of us has this responsibility because it is our club and we are all responsible for safety being the first priority at our club. All of you are our range officers and this is a very sociable group of people who are some of the most outgoing and polite individuals I have the privilege of being associated with; so, do not be intimidated about approaching a fellow club member to point something out.

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