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Member Application

Eligibility and Requirements

In order to join and remain an associate or member, you must:

  1. Be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States of America,
    18 years of age or older.
  2. Intend to always use guns safely and display good sportsmanship.
  3. Intend to be a productive, contributing member to the RRPC community.
  4. Be legally eligible to possess a firearm in Virginia.

    If our Federal Government or the Commonwealth of Virginia prohibits you from legally owning a gun, you may NOT be a member of the Rivanna Rifle & Pistol Club

Procedures for Joining Club

  1. Download and read RRPC's By-laws (2023)
  2. Read the entire instructions on this page, description of work prerequisite, and then apply and pay online.  Note: Your completed online application and payment must be received at least 24 hours BEFORE your first Membership meeting.  After six months all pending applications expire.  Consequently , the membership process must be completed within six months.
  3. Come to your first and second Membership Meetings early at 6:00 pm, to meet with the Membership Committee, prior to the 7:00 pm start of the Membership Meeting.  Membership Meetings are on the second Thursday of the month. Check the Calendar for dates. There you will be introduced to the club. Bring the following items to your first or second Membership Meeting:
    • Government Issued Photo ID, and
    • Proof that you may legally possess a firearm in Virginia; for example:
  4. Complete the following prerequisites:
    • Attend the mandatory Orientation session. These are held monthly on the Sunday morning between the Membership and Board Meetings in the clubhouse and at other times if needed. Check Calendar for times.
    • Perform your verified 4 Hours Work (as described here) only IF you choose to NOT pay the additional $350.  (Note: this fee may be paid during online application or by check at a Membership Meeting.)
  5. Your application will be voted on at the next Membership Meeting you attend once you’ve completed all this.  You may not become a member of RRPC, nor receive a fob, until AFTER you have fulfilled all the prerequisites and requirements, as stated.  Come to this Membership Meeting early at 6:00 pm, to meet with the Membership Committee, prior to the 7:00 pm start of the Membership Meeting.

Directions for Online Application

Learn the requirements and procedures - Filling out the Online Application below is the second step in becoming a member of RRPC.  Before proceeding any further, you should have wholly completed the first step - read and follow the RRPC Membership Eligibility, Requirements & Procedures found here.

Application Costs - Depending on your Membership Level, your annual dues will be either $140.00 or $70.00.  First dues are prorated based on the month the application is submitted, starting in February.  Applications submitted from November through the end of the year will also include cost for next year's renewal.  Plus there are two initial mandatory charges: a $100.00 Application fee, and a $12.00 fob fee.  There is also an additional $350 fee if you opt out of performing 4 hours verified work prerequisite (details).  You will receive your fob after you have been accepted as an Associate. 

Payment - Online with credit card.  If you do not become a member of RRPC, all payments (excepting the non-refundable $100.00 Application fee) will be refunded upon receipt of your written request, which must be received within six months of the application date.  (See our Cancellation Policy for more details on refunds.)  Application payments submitted November through the end of the year will include costs for and be credited for next year.

Email - In order to receive our emails, please ensure that RRPC is on your safe email list.  As you read in our Privacy Policy, members may choose to not receive club-related emails.  This is not recommended however, since RRPC's primary method of communication with membership is via email.

Completing the Application - The Online Application consists of several pages which must be completed in one sitting.  Your Application is completed when you have received your checkout receipt.  Incomplete applications will be purged. 

After applying - Once your application and payment are received, a Membership record is created for you with the Member Status set to "Pending - New".  You will receive from us an automatic email acknowledgment.  Continue with the Membership process (i.e. come to two Membership meetings, the club orientation, fulfill work requirements, etc.) as previously described above.  You'll be able to keep track of your current application status by viewing your Personal Profile after logging on.  You will not be able to update or edit your Profile until after your membership is activated.

Mandatory and Optional Fields - All red-asterisk* fields must be filled in.  Other fields are optional.  Since Rivanna Rifle & Pistol Club is essentially a self-help club, the members do most of the maintenance as well as administrative work, without pay.  By operating in this manner we have kept our dues low and developed a closer relationship between members of the club.  We'd like to know areas you can contribute.  Specifying the type of shooting and activities that interests you is voluntary and lets us know where our membership's interests lie.  For explanation of Membership Levels, see pages 1 - 3 of RRPC's By-Laws.  After selecting your Membership Level, hit lower-right Next button to proceed to next page to continue the application.

Questions - Contact the RRPC Membership Committee with any questions regarding this process.


           Submission of the following Application indicates that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms.


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