Rivanna Rifle 
            & Pistol Club, Inc.

General Range Rules Applicable to  ALL Ranges


Mon. – Sat. = 8:00 am – Sunset
Sunday = 1:30 pm – Sunset

(Exceptions must be approved by BOD)


Mon. – Sat. = 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday = 1:30 pm – 10:00 pm

General Safety Rules


  • Keep guns pointed in a safe direction.

  • Keep finger off trigger until ready to shoot.

  • Keep guns unloaded until ready to use.

  • Wear eye & ear protection while range is hot.


  • Handle firearms while anyone is downrange.


Members must wear their RRPC name tags while at the range.

Guests- Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests follow the Range Rules. Up to four guests per member are permitted.  Guests must shoot on the same range as the member. 

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Please clean up after yourself. Do not leave garbage or targets on the range, and please pick up your brass.

NO Explosive Targets!

If you have questions about any of these Range Safety Rules, please contact our Safety Committee.



Any shotgun firing standard power shells of any gauge, but with no larger than 7.5 shot. Aerial, clay targets and patterning board only. Firing from Standard firing points only.

Shooting procedure

Gun muzzles must remain pointed in a safe direction at all times and firearms must be handled in such a manner as to never point, even while unloaded and with the action open, at or near anyone.

All guns must have the action opened and contain no live or empty shells at any time, except while the shooter is on the firing line. A break open gun’s action may be closed when it is in a gun rack but it shall not contain a live or empty shell.

A contestant shall place a live shell in his/her gun only when on a post facing the field. In singles he/she may place only one live shell in his/her gun at a time and must remove it or the empty shell before moving from one post to another.

In doubles shooting, or at a skeet station where two birds are delivered without changing shooters, he/she may place two live shells in his/her gun at a time and must remove both live or empty shells before moving from one post to another.

During a shoot and without exception, all shotgun actions must be kept open at the firing station until it is that shooter's turn to fire.


Only Shotgun Work-crew members may operate the club’s bird throwing equipment. Shooters may bring their own bird throwers and fire from any standard firing point in a safe direction.

Shotgun Fields Interaction

Shotgun fields do not interact with each other.

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