Rivanna Rifle 
            & Pistol Club, Inc.

General Range Rules Applicable to  ALL Ranges


Mon. – Sat. = 8:00 am – Sunset
Sunday = 1:30 pm – Sunset

(Exceptions must be approved by BOD)


Mon. – Sat. = 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday = 1:30 pm – 10:00 pm

General Safety Rules


  • Keep guns pointed in a safe direction.

  • Keep finger off trigger until ready to shoot.

  • Keep guns unloaded until ready to use.

  • Wear eye & ear protection while range is hot.


  • Handle firearms while anyone is downrange.


Members must wear their RRPC name tags while at the range.

Guests- Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests follow the Range Rules. Up to four guests per member are permitted.  Guests must shoot on the same range as the member. 

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Please clean up after yourself. Do not leave garbage or targets on the range, and please pick up your brass.

NO Explosive Targets!

If you have questions about any of these Range Safety Rules, please contact our Safety Committee.



Rifles and slug shotguns only. 

However, hunting pistols may be sighted-in seated from the benches at the left side of the range

NO Full-Auto firearms are allowed on this range.

Type of Shooting

All standard shooting positions are allowed.

Firing Line & Target Location

All shooting is from the covered, 100 yard firing line only.

The muzzle of the rifle MUST be over the down-range edge of the concrete slab when fired.

All shooting must be done 90 deg. from the earthen berm. Please don’t shoot angled across the range.

When the MAKE THE LINE SAFE yellow light is flashing, you may go downrange to the targets, 

    OR YOU MUST STAY on the parking lot side of the red line until the range is called HOT again.

When shooting the fixed targets at 25, 50 or 100 yards, you must shoot from the benches at the far left side of the firing line, and you must shoot from the seated position.

Sighting-in of hunting pistols may only be conducted seated from the benches at the far left side of the firing line.

ANY member owned targets must always be placed at base of the earthen berm,

  • Caliber appropriate, downward deflecting, steel targets may be used only at the base of the earthen berm.

  • Exception  - Shooting round ball muzzle loaders (not in-line muzzle loaders) at 25 yards.

  • No breakable targets allowed. (This includes clay pigeons.)

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