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Click here for the BYLAWS of RRPC 

Bylaws  are the rules and regulations of the club adopted by RRPC to provide a framework for its operation and management.  These Bylaws are followed by the Board Of Directors. They can be revised by having a Voting Member submit a Revision for adoption at the annual November Membership meeting following the procedure outlined in the body of the Bylaws.

At the November 2020 Members Meeting, two ByLaw revisions were proposed:

- To allow Gun Owners of America (GOA) Membership in lieu of NRA Membership as a requirement for RRPC membership.   36 approved,  22 Disapproved   Failed - 40 votes required to adopt.

- To require a vote by Voting Membership for all proposed expenditures of $200,000 or more.

36 approved, 23 disapproved. Failed - 40 votes required to adopt.

Range Rules  -   For a printable PDF copy of the complete Range Rules click HERE

Rules and Policies - passed at Board of Directors meetings

Use of 5.7x28 prohibited on the Indoor and Steel Target Ranges

This will be added to the both range rules to reduce damage to the steel.

New Member Membership Meeting Time Change Starting March 2018

The New member Membership meeting will move to 7:00 PM with the new member check-in 
moving to 6:00 EFFECTIVE  MARCH 2018

Voting Membership Initiation Fees

The BOD voted to set the new voting member initiation fee to be the same as the current dues.

Slide Fire Stocks and Binary Triggers

The Board has directed that the the Range/Safety rules be amended to restrict the use of "Slide fire stock/Binary triggers" to only used on the Plinking & Indoor Range ( Caliber appropriate.)

Ammunition in Classrooms while Handling Firearms

The Board passed a resolution that ammunition  is not allowed in classrooms where firearms are being handed. 
This includes loaded personal protection handguns.

The BOD also specified (November 2017) that there should a clearly marked passageway  from the front door to the restrooms and to the  Indoor Pistol range for members with ammunition.  No ammunition is permitted to cross into the separated classroom area including ammunition loaded in personal protection handguns. 

Managing A Hearing of Club Charges

Armory Guidelines

Fully Automatic (Class 3) Firearms

To shoot your machine guns at the Club, you MUST be certified by the Class 3 Committee.

Contact the Class 3 Committee for more details or to obtain this certification.

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